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  • Drinking Water

    Drinking Water

    With a history of over 30 years specializing in water quality measurements, HF scientific has grown to be a leader in instrumentation for EPA compliance and process control for parameters such as Turbidity, Chlorine, UV %Transmission and Streaming Current.

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  • Water Quality Measurement Solutions

    Water Quality Measurement Solutions

    HF scientific is a quality innovator of instrumentation focused on the measurement of clean water. Water quality is a global concern that affects the health of our entire ecosystem. Early warning detection of pollutants and contaminants in our water supply is an essential part of Water Quality Management.

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  • Wastewater


    HF scientific has expanded its focus on water quality to include more wastewater related instruments including electrode systems to control and monitor pH, ORP, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Free Chlorine, Turbidity, and Dissolved Ozone.

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  • Ballast Water

    Ballast Water

    HF scientific has taken the threat of aquatic invasive species around the globe seriously. Using our expertise in water quality instrumentation and engineering innovation, we have produced a unique line of products for the marine and shipping industry.

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This video features the MTOL+ turbidimeter from HF Scientific, a Watts brand. The MTOL+ is a next generation, standards compliant turbidimeter designed with water treatment operators in mind.

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