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Aerobic wastewater treatment processes use aerobic and facultative bacteria to break down the organic compounds found in wastewater into more stable products that will not harm the receiving waters.  Wastewater treatment facilities such as lagoons or ponds, trickling filters and activated sludge plants depend on these aerobic bacteria to treat sewage.

If the amount of free or Dissolved Oxygen present in the wastewater process becomes too low, the aerobic bacteria that normally treat the sewage will die.  The process will not operate efficiently and septic conditions will occur.  The Dissolved Oxygen test is used to monitor the process to ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen present to keep the process from becoming septic.

Wastewater treatment is a harsh environment for equipment and the HF scientific AdvantEDGE Optical Dissolved Oxygen RDO® Sensor is a robust, low maintenance instrument that can operate in demanding environments and deliver accurate, reliable results.

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Feb 05, 2018

The MTOL+ is a next generation, standards compliant turbidimeter designed with water treatment operators in mind.

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