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Learn more about HF scientific in this overview video. Based out of Fort Myers, HF scientific is a manufacturer of water quality measurement instrumentation for municipal water treatment facilities, industrial applications and the marine industry.

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Title Download
AccUView LED Online UV Analyzer Download ES-HF-ACCUVIEWLED.pdf
AccUView Online UV% Transmission Analyzer Download ES-Accuview_UVT_Specs.pdf
AccUView Wastewater Online UV% Transmission Analyzer Download ES-Accuview_UVT_WasteWater_Specs.pdf
AdvantEDGE Contacting Conductivity and Toroidal Conductivity Download ES-AdvantEDGE_Contacting_and_Toroidal_Conductivity_specifications.pdf
AdvantEDGE Free Chlorine Panel and Turbidity Download ES-AdvantEDGE_Clorine_Panel_and_Turbidity_specifications.pdf
AdvantEDGE LD500 Local Display and PA500 Profibus Gateway Download ES-AdvantEDGE_LD500_display_and_Profibus_display_specifications.pdf
AdvantEDGE Optical Dissolved Oxygen Download ES-AdvantEDGE_Optical_DO_RDO_specifications.pdf
AdvantEDGE Ozone and Dissolved Oxygen Download ES-AdvantEDGE_Ozone_and_DO_specifications.pdf
AdvantEDGE pH and AdvantEDGE ORP Download ES-AdvantEDGE_pH_and_orp_specifications.pdf
CLX Online Residual Chlorine Monitor Download ES-HF-CLX.pdf
MicroTOL Online Turbidimeter Download ES-HF-MicroTOL.pdf
MicroTSCM Streaming Current Monitor Download ES-MicroTSCM_Streaming_Current_Specs.pdf
MTOL™ Plus Online Process Turbidimeter Download ES-HF-MTOL-Plus.pdf